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LyfeBank helps employers and employees afford healthcare. Using the unique LyfeBank defined contribution financial service, employers make deposits to accounts employees use to pay for insurance or other healthcare expenses. Because employees control the accounts, they have more incentive to spend wisely, while employers get relief from administrative burdens. LyfeBank  is pleased to partner with PayneWest Insurance to bring you the "Benefit Hub".


Healthcare Choices


Welcome to the
PayneWest Benefit Hub 

The Benefit Hub was developed to assist small employers and their employees navigate the options available to them through private insurance companies or on the state insurance exchange. 

From this website, Employees will be able to:

  • Create a Portable Health Account (PHA) .  This PHA is the account your employer will contribute dollars towards to help you purchase health insurance.
  • Learn about health insurance plans that are available where you live.
  • Learn about federal subsidies you may qualify for, based on your income.
  • Take advantage of savings on everyday medical expenses.
  • Utilize  health and wellness tools.

Be sure to bookmark the Benefit Hub and check back often for new features and to take advantage of all of the benefits offered to you through this partnership!

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